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A brief discussion on the important use of protectors in the power industry


A brief discussion on the important use of protectors in the power industry

Company news
2017/08/11 15:50
Long with the development of science and technology and the requirement of people's life level is increasing. Closely with the electric power market and the change of the market. Now our electric market and present a what kind of situation? Sheath protector after rapid growth, the development trend of the market become more subtle, most of the suppliers have the impact on the macroeconomic regulation and control over the market shows concern. Country is starting to pull in the part of the user enterprise funds more nervous, and will affect parts manufacturers collection appear some difficulties. And just affect collection, vulnerable to mainly distributors at this moment.
Sheath protector with ZnO varistor is a protective device, no series gap, good protective properties, it has excellent nonlinear volt-ampere characteristic curve. Both has the advantages of metal oxide surge arrester of porcelain sleeve type, but also has good electrical insulation properties, high dielectric strength, leakage resistance mark, electrical erosion resistance, heat resistance, cold resistant, aging resistant, explosion-proof advantages and good chemical stability, hydrophobic, sealing. We produce can be widely used in the single-core power cable line, used to protect the cable metal protecting layer from a variety of overvoltage hazard. To better adapt to market demand, convenient user installation use, our company to further develop the cable sheath grounding box directly, sheath protector and cross linking sheath protector etc. Several forms of sheath grounding device. I company production of various cable sheath grounding device has been widely used in various electrified railway system, achieved good operating experience.