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BW-S series thermal protector is a newly developed one in Changsheng. It employs stainless steel casing. Relying on the temperature sensing of the bimetal and the current thermal effect, BW-S enables the condition of the bimetal to change swiftly, and then makes the circuit open. BW-S series thermal protection device is mainly applied in air conditioner motor, washing machine motor, pump motor, battery pack, heater, lamp, and ballast, etc.


Difference between BW-T and BW-S

BW-T and BW-S series thermal protector is collectively called BW series. The difference is that the casing of BW-T is made from stainless steel, and that of BW-S is made from plastic.




1. The enclosure of BW-S series thermostat protector is made from plastic (doesn’t need to be used with insulating sleeve), making its volume smaller than that of BW-T
2. Rated capacity of contact: 10A/24V DC, 10A/125V AC, 6A/250VAC
3. Contact resistance: ≤100mΩ (under room temperature)
4. Tensile strength of wire: putting the lead wire under a 50N axial pressure for 1min, and the wire shouldn’t get broken or fall off from the protector


Open and Close Temperature

Model Opening temperature Closing temperature Model Opening temperature Closing temperature
BW-S 60℃ 60±5 40±15 BW-S 115℃ 115±5 75±15
BW-S 65℃ 65±5 45±15 BW-S 120℃ 120±5 80±15
BW-S 70℃ 70±5 50±15 BW-S 125℃ 125±5 85±15
BW-S 75℃ 75±5 50±15 BW-S 130℃ 130±5 90±15
BW-S 80℃ 80±5 50±15 BW-S 135℃ 135±5 95±15
BW-S 85℃ 85±5 55±15 BW-S 140℃ 140±5 100±15
BW-S 90℃ 90±5 60±15 BW-S 145℃ 145±5 105±15
BW-S 95℃ 95±5 65±15 BW-S 150℃ 150±5 105±15
BW-S 100℃ 100±5 70±15 BW-S 155℃ 155±5 110±15
BW-S 105℃ 105±5 70±15 BW-S 160℃ 160±5 110±15


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