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Enterprise Mission: Changsheng Protector protects all electric appliances!
Enterprose Vision: Create World Famous Brand, Strive to Be the first in the Industry!
Enterprise Spirit: United and Enterprising, Pioneering and Innovative, Do Solid Work, Dare to Be First, Never Be Satisfied!
Enterprise Core Values: Provide High-quality products Efficiently, Provide Development Opportunities Fairly, Provide Solutions professionally.
Enterprose Management Method: Team, Date, Quality, Cose
Qulity policy: Pursue Excellence, Create Changsheng Brand; Abide by Credit, Win Customer Satisfaction.
Management Philosophy: Create Brand, Pursue Value Increase, All Staff Strives for Benefits; Strict Management,High Quality, Walk Out to occupy global market; Love staff, advocate harmony, be responsible for changsheng; Increase varieties, Expand scale,be admired by customers and industry insiders.

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