Development path

Development path

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1990,Factory was founded to produce BR-B, BR-A series thermal protector
1999,New Plant was established in Changzhou High-tech Development Zone
2001,Imported Japanese 17AM automation line
2005,Built factory in Huaian, to produce BR-A, BR-B series protector
2008,Successfully developed 18AM series protector and began mass production
2009,Production capacity exceeded 250 million
2010,Successfully developed thermal fuse, heater thermal protector
2012,The Huaian company was renamed as Jiangsu Deertai Electric Co., the new plant was built to produce the new KSD products
2013,Successfully developed BW-S/T thermal protector Changsheng Precision Electronics was established to automatically produce the core components of protectors
2014,Changzhou Hi tech Zone plant expansion to increase production capacity
2015,List on National Equities Exchange and Quotations
Continuously development...

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