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Talking about the important use of protector equipment in the power industry

With the development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the power market is also closely following the changes in the market. What is the current status of our electrical market? The protective layer protector has passed. After the period of rapid growth, the development of the market has become more subtle.

Protector will be a good start for the development of the electrical industry

A special device for the sheath protector to prevent lightning strikes and induced overvoltages from damaging the cable sheath. The sheath protector is connected between the high voltage cable sheath and the ground, and is connected by bolts and cable sheaths. Put into use.

What contribution does the protector make to the power industry?

After the high-growth period of the protective layer protector, the development trend of the market has become more subtle. Most suppliers have expressed concern about the impact of macro-control on the market. The country began to tighten and led to the funding of some users. Tension,

Common power cable technology 72 questions! worth collecting!

According to the use, it can be divided into bare wire, insulated wire, heat-resistant wire, shielded wire, power cable, control cable, communication cable, RF cable, etc.

Motor protector selection principle and method

At present, the low-voltage motor protection products on the market do not have the same standard, and the model specifications are varied. Manufacturers in order to meet the different needs of users to derive a large number of products, a wide variety of users to bring a lot of inconvenience to the selection of users, users should be in accordance with the actual needs of motor protection in order to achieve the expected use value and effect.
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